Mojo the Clown & the Wheel of Economic Strategy from Playbolam™ #LongTermEconomicPlan #SpecialAdviser

xmasx 2015 playmobil & drone graphics v1.026

The Mojo the Clown & the Wheel of Economic Strategy playset has an optional, excellent-value Special Adviser for 42% more, but the suicidal intern is included at no extra cost.

Stateless-Child Asylum Application, Virgin-Birth DNA Test & Work Capability Assessment Christmas Nativity 2015 – Playbolam™ World-Of-Fear™#BritishValues

xmasx 2015 playmobil & drone graphics v1.025

Here is the special limited-edition Playbolam™ World-Of-Fear™ Globalised Migrant Nativity, representing all the good things that have come to pass thanks to the legacy of ThatcherWorld™.

This strictly limited edition playset includes The Angel of the Lords, Baroness Hatchet, overseeing the triumph of price over value from Blue Cuckoo Cloudland, German Shepherds watching their stock by night and day, the Three Wise Investigators bringing administrative rigour, a single mother / people trafficker / benefit scrounger / illegal immigrant, a stateless child / potential terrorist and an excellent-value government Special Adviser.

Also included is a foreign-looking Saint Nicholas impersonator, and an evil socialist, trying to take “other people’s money” away from the hedge-fund managers and dark-pool investors in order to squander it on social housing and benefit scroungers.

All of this is made safer by the deterrent of militarised police.

Merry Christmas.