Captain Cameron & the Bullying Boys Club – Playbolam™ World-Of-Fear™ Advent Calendar 19th December 2015 #Playbolam #BOLAM #Bolam123 #WorldOfFear #DavidCameron #Bullying

xmasx 2015 playmobil & drone graphics v1.027

With so much talk about bullying in the British media a the moment, I thought it might be nice to commemorate some of our more preciously held “British Values”. It hardly seems fair to single out people like Mark Clarke, whose behaviour is alleged to have contributed to the suicide of a Conservative party activist, or Lucy Allan MP who also has a reputation for being a bully, and recently reposted a comment from a critic to which she added a death threat.

The British Conservative Party is fundamentally based upon bullying, prejudice and deception, all the way to the top. Although much was made of Prime Minister David Cameron’s initiation ceremony into the Piers Gaveston Club which supposedly required him to stick his cock in a dead pig’s mouth, little was made of the ceremony required by the much more famous and infamous Bullingdon Club, of which he was also a member, where invited members are required to burn a £50 note in front of a beggar.

I genuinely do not care about the necrophilic pranks of privileged schoolboys, but the Bullingdon boys reveal a particularly nasty side to the people who make decisions in this country. David Cameron is no stranger to deception and bullying and this is how I think of him as a deluded liar, imagining himself to be a great leader but nothing more than a miseducated sociopath.

<If you repost this, please insert death threat here>.


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