IN THE PIPE (Phase I) video installation &ini residency at DINA Venue, #Sheffield January & February 2016

BolamSHF graphics 1920x1080 v2.010

I am currently “in residence” at DINA, a new venue for events, arts and education at 32 Cambridge Street, Sheffield, UK. The installation is part one of phase one of a project that I have been planning for some time, called IN THE PIPE. This part of the project consists of loops of timelapse video that I shot of Park Square Roundabout in Sheffield.

Phase I has no time limit, but the dates and times I will be on-site at DINA are listed here. Please come and visit and have a look around the building. I will be blogging bout my time in-residence and will be shooting more timelape video around the Sheffield Inner Ring Road as well as continuing my research & development of various digital video capture and conversion techniques. I will also be doing some work with Raspberry Pi, Linux, FFMpeg, ImageMagick, GIMP, CHDK etc.

IN THE PIPE is an umbrella project that will have several phases, all involving conceptual and aesthetic elements around road travel.